Megan Fox’s mouth gets her written out of “Transformers 3″

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The truth is: No one really has a clue why Transformers became a hit movie or why Transformers 2 was a box office best. Everyone expected them to tank, and they didn’t.

The franchise erupted … and turned Megan Fox into a star.

The trouble with Megan Fox, though, is she’s got a mouth on her that won’t stop running. She said horrible things about Transformers director Michael Bay.

Well, guess what? She got axed from the third installment of the series, according to this.

So yes, while most agree Megan Fox is nice to look at, apparently she’s not all that worth it to deal with. That’s what you get when you call your director “Hitler.”

The people on the side of Transformers, they’re claiming that the reason Megan Fox’s character is no more is because Shia Lebouf’s character would do better not being tied down to a love interest. Which makes sense. I mean, all love interests do is hold a person back, right?

I guess in this case, she’d hold back the storyline. Or won’t hold her tongue.

Megan Fox will probably do just fine without Transformers. But will the franchise do just fine without her?

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