Megan Fox’s Thumb–Video of Super Bowl commercial

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I hope we all were able to enjoy the Super Bowl or at least some footage from the Super Bowl’s commercials. A commercial that was on many minds of both men and women was Megan Fox’s Motorola commercial.

The commercial is set in a bath tub (yeah Motorola, real original). The lovely and infamous Megan Fox is bathing and talking about what would happen if she used the “Motoblur” feature on her phone. She then uses her thumb to send pictures of herself on this new “Motoblur” feature. The pictures are received by quite a few unsuspecting gentlemen, performing everyday tasks, and working various, dangerous jobs. When they all receive the picture of the knock-out gorgeous Megan Fox chaos breaks loose. Men get electrocuted, fall off ladders, etc. all on account of her phone “thumb” action.

It’s just another example of advertisers go to idea: “sex sells.” In this case “sex sells like hotcakes with the use of Megan Fox as a model/spokeswoman.”

It was a clever idea for Motorola and also a great move on Megan’s part. I wonder what commercials and tv spots she has next on her list? I’m sure most men in American are wondering and awaiting that very thing!

This commercial achieved what it set out to achieve, especially in the football demographic, however I believe that the Doritos commercial with the little boy was more entertaining. It had people rolling! Not to mention it’s the only commercial that I’ve seen thus far playing post Super Bowl on Television.

What did you think of Megan Fox’s commercial?

What do you think of Megan Fox in general?

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