Megan Hauserman of Rock of Love 2 Sues Sharon Osbourne

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Megan Hauserman, who has somehow had the time on her hands to appear in such reality gems as (and take a big breath if youÂ’re going to say all these out loud): Beauty and the Geek, Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, I Love Money, Rock of Love: Charm School, and Trophy Wife (whew!) is suing Sharon Osbourne. The lawsuit stems from an incident during Megan HausermanÂ’s latest reality show opus Rock of Love 2.

Apparently Megan Hauserman may have intimated that Sharon Osbourne is only famous for being married to a “brain dead rockstar”. Well, Osbourne, always the bastion of good manners, thought it would be appropriate to respond by removing Megan Hauserman’s hair, and perhaps a bit of flesh and eyes while she was at it.

Megan Hauserman is now suing in LA, and you can watch the outburst here.

Personally I’m of the mind if two reality show stars (and don’t think you’re anything but a reality show star Ms. Osbourne – we all know how you became popular) want to get into a fight we should not dissuade them. Nay, we shall encourage them, egging them on and supplying them with weapons. With any luck one will kill the other and then we’ll be with one less reality show star like Megan Hauserman or Sharon Osbourne.

Hell, we could even make a show out of this. Called “The Culling of Wastes of Human Flesh”. Lord knows I’d watch. I’d even produce.


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