Mel Gibson divorce settlement negotiated with wife Robyn?

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Actor Mel Gibson may have finalized his divorce terms on the sly this week. Media reports about the end of his marriage to wife and mother of 7 of his 8 children are thin as the bulk of the public records about the court case settlement terms are still being kept private, but it looks like the movie star who fell from fame is going to be a lot less wealthy but a single man again by or before August 2011. Attorneys for the star celebs told an L.A. judge Tuesday June 28th that estranged wife Robyn Moore and Mel may have jointly worked out the terms of their divorce settlement.

Celebrity divorce only fun for the press?

Celebrity divorce is never fun for anyone except the press. The toughest obstacles this celebrity couple faced seemed to be determining their division of personal property. And, of course, there are those pesky “other assets” Mel Gibson had like land, celebrity homes, and the celeb couple’s joint investment portfolio.

The big brew-ha-ha over those minor details has been going on because during the course of the marriage, everything the couple had was previously valued at a cool $900 million. When the couple of split over his infidelity, Robyn was entitled to at least half of it.

The trouble in 2011 is that ‘near billion dollar’ figure of estimated net worth was determined long before the international real estate crisis happened. It was also assessed before the big stock market crash hit. Like the rest of us, the Hollywood screen legend was neither bullet proof nor impervious to losing big money on his investments.

If the actor had $900 million back then, and lost half to Robyn, he could live with it if he kept working.

But adding misery to madness, the celebs poolside smackdown tirade between Oksana and her paramour misogynist was spoon fed out to Radar Online. Now that his rant effectively ended the Hollywood career [of the no longer handsome or funny Mr. Gibson], if his wife got half of his wealth accumulated by them during the course of their marriage, post divorce there might not be a pretty penny left for him or his retirement.

Hollywood gossip about star celebs and celebrity couples splits

Mel Gibson Cannes 2011 - 2 (cropped)How bad did Mel Gibson ultimately get scraped for cash? The LA Times revealed, “… no details were released… The divorce is expected to be finalized in August.”

The site went on to detail the history of the relationship split, saying, “After 28 years of marriage, Robyn filed for divorce in April 2009, right about the time news broke that Grigorieva was pregnant with Mel’s baby (Lucia was born that November). Mel said at the time that his marriage had effectively ended three years earlier.”

Does anyone but Mel himself really believe that? Not really, say friends who have spent time mingling in social circles with the Hollywood couple. But those names of people willing to break Robyn’s confidence are few and far between, as the consensus in Hollywood seems to be that she is a genuinely nice woman.

As for the saga of Mel and Oksana, his mistress who gave him baby number 8 (a step-sister to the son she bore in 1997 with 007 James Bond actor Timothy Dalton), how’s that going for marvelous Mad Max Mel this week?

There is no happy ending for her or light at the end of the tunnel for either of the celebrities it seems. NDTV shared more about the Hollywood celebrity divorce drama, “Mel is also in court with his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, locked in a battle over custody arrangements for their two-year-old daughter, Lucia.”

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