Mel Gibson Rant – Listen to 8 Minutes of the Terrifying Freak Out – He Threatens to Kill Oksana

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This is, without a doubt, the scariest caught-on-tape moment from a celeb that I’ve ever heard.

It doesn’t even come close to Alec Baldwin’s infamous angry voicemail to his young daughter, or David Hasselhoff’s pathetic, drunken cheeseburger-on-the-floor incident, or Christian Bale’s freak out at a crew person on the set “Terminator.”

Rumors have been circulating the web for a while now that there exists a 30-minute tape featuring Mel Gibson ranting, raving, insulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, who is also the mother of their daughter, Lucia. reports,“Oksana’s motivation for recording this was to show Mel how mean he was, and because she feared for her life. She wanted to get evidence that he was dangerous and violent.”

Well, the footage isn’t just a rumor anymore because Radar Online has just released an exclusive 8-minute clip of the tape and it’s as horrible as everybody imagined.

Visit Radar Online to listen to the shocking clip.

At moments during his furious, at-times incomprehensible rant, Gibson is so overcome by rage that he can only pant heavily. He vacillates between moments of calm, rational speech to instantaneous outbursts that would terrify anyone, let alone a new mom who has to share custody of her child with this lunatic.

During the 8 minutes we get to hear, he threatens to kill her twice, calls her nasty names, slings racial slurs, insults her appearance – it is stressful and painful to listen to.

Perez Hilton reports that Mel and Oksana have signed a cohabitation agreement that has locked her out of any rights to his money, but the agreement didn’t include any support for their daughter. Sources have said, according to Perez, that Mel hasn’t paid Oksana any money at all for Lucia.

“He is not paying me money,” Oksana said. “I am having to live on credit cards and borrowed money…It is not a good situation.”

This guy is a sicko. Listening to the tape definitely makes the hairs on my neck stand up. He’s obviously completely capable of doing something dangerous or deadly. And at one point he says, “You need a bat upside the head,” and keeps saying he’s going to come over to her house.

He needs to be locked up before he does something he can’t undo. I really feel for Oksana. She must be terrified for the safety of her child.

It goes without saying that he has completely ruined his career.


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