Melanie Griffith: 2011 Plastic Surgery Nightmare Picture? (Photo)

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Melanie Griffith used to be one of Hollywood’s most desirable and beautiful actresses. Unfortunately, that was many decades ago and now, Griffith probably doesn’t even get a call for D-list stuff. It’s all pretty sad.MelanieGriffithDragShow101011.jpg

A photo of Melanie taken on Sunday at the 9th Annual Best in Drag Fundraiser in Los Angeles has shocked everyone.

It seems while she was on an extended hiatus from her acting career, she was probably busy working on her face. The once blonde bombshell is still blonde but her stretched face is more bomb than bombshell.

The 54-year-old actress looks like she went down the same plastic surgery nightmare route Bruce Jenner had. Her once plump and beaming face now looks stretched and plastic. Sadly, Melanie Griffith doesn’t even resemble herself. She could have been one of the drags onstage during the event.

It’s a wonder her still famous husband, Antonio Banderas, doesn’t sit her aside and say it’s time to stop with the nip, tucks, and whatever else. One can only yes to so much filler before there’s nothing left to fill! There is aging gracefully like Sharon Stone and Demi Moore then there’s turning to a bucketload of who knows what. See her before in 2000 below and after in 2011 above.

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