Melinda Dennehy Nude Pics Teacher Sexting Student NOT SO BAD?

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Teacher Melinda Dennehy sent nude pics of herself to her 15 yr old student and sent sexual text message as well.. Is this so bad? In reality most 15 year old boys would be very happy to see a picture of a woman nude and especially if he knew her. Just the fact a 15 year old saw pictures of his teacher in the nude is not a big deal  like everyone makes it out to be. Most men know better. 

It is obvious there could be other details in this case that indicate harm to the young man, but the fact alone, that he saw a picture of his teacher nude is not enough to be concerned. However that was not the sole event in this case. A teacher is a person of authority, and whenever ANYONE in authority crosses the line of intimate sexuality it is much a kin to rape, no matter the age of the victim. Young boys and girls by the age of 15 already now plenty about sex and the human body in most cases. 

In this modern culture though, I believe the impact, of an instance like this, is increased by raising children in a sheltered environment. We are hypocritical whenever we pretend to present the world absent of sexuality in lieu of the fact, we ourselves were sexually more advanced at the same age than we want them to be. But it goes deeper than hypocrisy. I remember a time when a parents primary responsibility to their children was to prepare them for the world, not shelter them from it. 

A child who is raised more sanely, will have better tools to understand human sexuality in a more rational way. The response from this type child when confronted with such situations should be more along the lines of “something is wrong here” right after they react with “WOW!” But any child should NEVER be confronted with their sexuality in a predatory situation from someone much older than they are. Actually NO one should have to deal with predatory sexual behavior . 

This type of behavior by someone older, and / or, in authority is NOT about sex. It is about power and control And there in lays the problem. While the victim maybe sexually stimulated, the other party is actually acting out of a mental imbalance and abusing the child. Pure nudity or sexuality should never be a problem or put in a closet. By taking on the responsibility to insure a child is well balanced and prepared for life (instead of sheltering them) a parent can help defend that child from abusive behaviors of a sexual nature. 

The creator knew what He (She) was doing in the design of the human brain and body. Puberty comes long before parents want it too. But by sheltering a child you can be setting them up for deeper trauma in the long turn. 

I know the views expressed here may anger some, but if it does, they need to stop and think. It’s all our responsibility that harm from the way a child is raised is avoided just as much as harm from a predator.

We can’t change the world around us to meet the way we would like think a child’s life should be, but we can make sure the tools nature gives a child is not circumvented or deformed.



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