Melissa Gilbert Divorce: Was She an Alcoholic Coke Head?

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Melissa Gilbert’s divorce from Bruce Boxleitner is almost done deal, but that may just be the beginning of Gilbert’s troubles. A source says the actress is anything but innocent. From her alcohol battles to her coke head days, Gilbert’s dirty laundry could all end up in a tell-all book, if Boxleitner takes the bait!

File:Melissa Gilbert at the 1991 Emmy Awards cropped.jpgApparently, Melissa Gilbert’s 2009 memoir was nothing but a “sugar-coated, G-rated’ version of her life! The real story is one that Boxleitner seems to know all too well. A source stated:

Melissa’s had a long, rocky battle with booze, complete with blackouts and violent outbursts… It’s a far raunchier story than Melissa would ever tell – but that’s what would make it a best-seller. That’s what publishers want Bruce to write. Bruce witnessed a living hell. And THAT’s the story publishers want.”

Geez, squeaky-clean Melissa Gilbert was just an act? What a shocker of a story! The Little House on the Prairie darling was America’s sweetheart. If these accusations are true, Gilbert was an out-of-control freak!

Readers, share your thoughts. Do you think Melissa Gilbert was an alcoholic druggie back in the day?

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