Melissa Gorga Got a Secret Nose Job?

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Melissa Gorga seems to constantly be targeted by her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice. However, according to a new report, that’s far from the truth — and not just that. The source is also exposing Melissa for getting and then denying having gotten a nose job.

“She DID have a nose job! Her plastic surgeon is the same one Kathy [Wakile] used,” a source tells Reality Tea. “Melissa’s ex-trainer trained her at home and her nose was wrapped up from surgery when she went to go train her. Melissa also gets fillers in her face and her lips!”

Melissa is a beautiful woman and doesn’t seem to need any work done, but if that’s what she wants to do, she shouldn’t feel that she has to hide it. After all, how uncommon is it in the Real Housewives world to have had a nose job or gotten fillers? It’s practically standard.

As for the setups that Teresa is allegedly behind, the source states that the drama is actually brought on by her exes. “Melissa is so wrong about Teresa being the one out to get her. The people out there are her ex-friends and boyfriends who are so sick of her BS and fake image she tries to portray on RHONJ,” the source adds. “Melissa’s past would really make your head spin. She was with a lot of men from the same group and they all take about their wild past about her. It’s the Bayonne, NJ bad boys who have a lot to say, NOT Teresa!”

While this may be true, it seems a little far fetched to think that this group of men has just now, after Melissa having been in the public eye for years, decided to target her. Even if they have all been with her and liked to chat about it, why all of a sudden? The timing is certainly suspicious.

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