Melissa Gorga Slams Teresa Giudice for Horrible Behavior at ‘Real Housewives’ Party

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga watched the episode as it aired last night and she was surprised at her sister-in-law’s behavior at the release party. For one, she had to go over to Teresa and Jacqueline as they were talking, because they were being too loud and almost yelling at her party. Of course, Melissa was less than pleased that Teresa was taking some of the attention away from Melissa, since this was her release party for her new song.

In addition to watching the show, Melissa went on Twitter to talk about the things Teresa accused her of doing, which was talk to Danielle three years prior about Teresa. It sounds like The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga wants to set the record straight about what was being said. “Truth.. I didn’t contact her first. Second. I admit what happened and it was 3 years ago now. Let’s talk about now,” Melissa wrote on her Twitter, hinting that Teresa was wrong in bringing up the conversation at her launch party.

“I apologized for talking to someone Teresa hated.. 3years ago,” Melissa continued. It sounds like she apologized and Teresa couldn’t accept the apology. But Melissa wants to put things in perspective in terms of apologies. “I forgave and moved on from Teresa telling my husband I would leave him,” she writes. In other words, she could forgive Teresa’s comments about Melissa leaving Joe for a richer man, while Teresa can’t forgive Melissa talking to Danielle Staub even though Melissa and Teresa weren’t even talking then.

Do you think Melissa is wrong in talking to Danielle or is Teresa overreacting?

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