Melissa Gorga Thinks Joe Giudice is ‘Making a Fool of Himself’

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Melissa Gorga is not a fan of Teresa Giudice’s husband, Joe Giudice. The guy always has something negative to say about everybody, and most of the time, it’s behind their back. Giudice even made an extremely inappropriate gay joke earlier in the season about Real Housewives of New Jersey regular Greg Bennett. He just can’t seem to shut up.

On the latest episode, Giudice revealed that he was holding a grudge against Melissa’s husband, Joe Gorga, for not returning a tool set he had borrowed years ago. It seems petty to most, but to Giudice, nothing is petty and everything worth a fight.

In Melissa’s Bravo blog, she weighs in on Giudice’s behavior. “Boys will be boys… If Joe Giudice is just mad Joe didn’t return tools, and he continues to speak the way he does about his wife’s brother, that’s sad.”

Giudice nearly never thinks before he speaks, and no one is off-limits—his sister’s brother is no exception. Guidice even called his wife’s cousin, Kathy Wakile, “froggy” at one point because of her big eyes. He finds something negative to say about absolutely everyone. Melissa is right. It is sad.

Melissa adds, “He has continually bashed me as well, and in the long run he’s only making a fool of himself.” That’s an understatement!

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