Melissa Gorga’s House For Sale; All Because of Teresa Giudice?

News of the Joe and Melissa Gorga house for sale has sparked a number of rumors. One in reason in particular makes sense for the RHONJ star to sell her home. Beside the continuing drama on Bravo’s hit reality show, the Gorga’s are making headlines in real estate. And it could all have to do with the feud between Melissa and Teresa Giudice

In a report by Wetpaint, Melissa Gorga tells the mag that the Gorgas originally “moved to Montville to be closer to Teresa Giudice and the cousins.”

Brother of Teresea Giudice, Joe Gorga recently listed both of his New Jersey homes for sale. Rumors flew that the couple was in trouble financially.

Gia Giudice & Teresa GiudiceMelissa Gorga quickly defended the RHONJ couple’s decision stating, “We gave Montville a try, but ultimately we want to move back to Franklin Lakes before the kids reach an age where changing schools will have an effect on them. Plus, it’s closer to Joe’s work, and that’s where we see ourselves living in the long run.”

From what Melissa stated it sounds like the Gorgas put in a fair amount of effort to be closer to the Giudices in Montville, New Jersey. However, since Franklin Lakes is only about 15 miles away from Montville, New Jersey, it does not seem likely. Why is the Melissa Gorga house for sale stirring controversy? Could it be to move further from Teresa Giudice and her family. What do you think?

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