Melissa Jenkins was Murdered, Suspect Sought

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On Sunday night Melissa Jenkins was reported missing after her car was discovered abandoned, running, with her two-year-old son inside. By Monday afternoon her body was discovered, and by today it’s been announced the Vermont teacher was in fact murdered. Her autopsy was completed, and it’s been publicly acknowledged by officials on the case that this is now an active homicide investigation.

The cause of death hasn’t been revealed, and probably won’t be until a suspect is apprehended. That’s next in this investigation; finding the person responsible for what happened to the slain Vermont teacher.

Was Melissa Jenkins the victim of homicide brought on by someone who chose her at random? Or was this crime committed by someone close to the slain teacher who had an ax to grind with her in particular? It stands to be noted that the child was left safe and unharmed even though there was a struggle outside of the vehicle. The person who did this had no interest in harming the child, stealing the vehicle, or even having the woman drive him (or her) somewhere else with the child in the backseat. What does this mean? It might mean something or it might mean nothing at all, but it is an interesting piece in this strange puzzle. Perhaps the police should take a look at that piece as a potential clue in who may have done this.

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