Meltdown-Free Travel with a Baby

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Before you find yourself marooned on a plane with a hungry, wet toddler with no food or change of clothes in sight, read these top 10 tips for traveling with baby.

Celebrity party planner Lara Shriftman: Traveling with a baby can be daunting and overwhelming. The first time I traveled with my 3-month-old son and dog, Lulu Flynn, a 7 lb. miniature shih tzu, we were going out of town for an entire month. After packing everything under the sun, we arrived late to the airport and almost missed our flight. To add to the disaster, our stroller was broken during the plane ride.

You can avoid my disaster — here are my top ten tips to prepare you for traveling with a baby.

Top Ten Tips To Prepare You For Traveling With A Baby Tip 1

Make sure to leave plenty of time to get to the airport, check in, and go through security. With baby in tow everything takes a bit longer.

Tip 2

If you are bringing a bottle, be aware that security will have to scan the milk as you pass through.This often takes a while.

Tip 3

Make sure you know exactly how to fold your stroller.You will need to be able to do it quickly and efficiently!

Tip 4

A stroller that is inexpensive and lightweight is your best bet. When I first started traveling with my son I carried my two-piece Bugaboo which is both lightweight and easy to fold.

Tip 5

Pack light! Only carry what you will need for the airport and plane ride. Bring a bottle if needed, three diapers, and buy travel sizes of your baby essentials such as wet wipes and aquafor.

Tip 6

Only carry on what you really need for yourself. You will be preoccupied taking care of the baby.

Tip 7

Include an extra change of clothes for the baby. Make sure that both of you are dressed comfortably, especially for longer flights.

Tip 8

Pick the best time to travel with a baby. When taking a long trip I always book the red-eye flight so my son can sleep for the entire flight.

Tip 9

Think ahead. Buy your baby supplies when you get to your destination. Or, you can order them in advance from and have them shipped directly to your destination.

Tip 10

If your baby uses a pacifier, mine does, make sure to bring at least one extra for the trip in case it falls on the floor.

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