Memorial Day, May 31, 2010: Supermarkets and Liqour Stores Open

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Today is May 31, 2010 and if you waited to the last minute (like me) to grab steak tips and beer to take to your Memorial Day cookout then you’re still in luck. That’s assuming the supermarkets and liquor stores haven’t run out of everything. Supermarkets, liquor stores and major retail stores will all be open. So don’t worry, you can still head out and do some shopping at Walmart, Target and Best Buy before you head to your cookout.

What really surprised me is the switch this year to the liquor stores being open. In Massachusetts especially where they have been closed in the past and it usually takes a major initiative to get something changed. I mean it was up until less than 10 years ago (if my memory is correct) that you couldn’t buy beer or liquor on Sundays in Massachusetts. While Memorial Day should be seen as a day to reflect and remember, I guess times are changing and the business lost by closing liquor stores has become more important to the economy.

Other establishments that will be open on Memorial Day 2010 include convenience stores and bars. The places on the closed list include the post office, schools and the stock market. For the full list of what is open and closed on Memorial Day head over to

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