Men in Black III Review: Josh Brolin Funnier Than Will Smith

The Men in Black III review is out, Will Smith is back and he’s funny as heck! Too bad MIB III is all about Josh Brolin. Brolin’s take as the younger Agent K really stole the thunder from Smith’s funny moments.

For the third installment of Men in Black, Smith (agent J) and Lee (agent K) return as the alien squashing duo to stop yet another galactic conspiracy to destroy Earth.

The twist this time around is that agent J has to travel back in time to the 1960s to save agent K. Enter Josh Brolin as the younger Tommy Lee. There’s no arguing that Brolin did an outstanding job as the tight-lipped, brow-creasing somber agent K.

This Men in Black III review won’t show all the spoilers so keep on reading! Like candy for the eyes, the aliens came in a variety of colors, textures and all of them had that dated look. Trekkies will definitely appreciate the homage some of the aliens played toward the sci-fi series.

Men in Black III still delivered in terms of visually effects and grooviness. Unfortunately, despite Brolin’s Oscar-worthy take as agent K or Smith’s hilarious take as agent J, MIB III lacked a strong storyline.

Etan Cohen (Tropic Thunder) wrote the script and everyone can agree, he did a terrific job of dishing out comedic aspects of that era in the film. What MIB III lacked, it made up for in pacing and comedic moments. All in all, the film was entertaining to watch and will probably be this coming weekend’s highest grossing movie!

If you’re living off the grid and haven’t heard of MIB III, check out the trailer, it’s pretty funny.

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