Men: To Dye For!

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Does he or doesn’t he color his hair? Unfortunately when not done well—especially when covering up gray–it’s obvious that he does. Not a gorgeous obvious like David Beckham bleaching out his locks, but a sort of strange orange or unnatural red or too-dark hue that shouts not gray. As fast as the baby boomers are turning gray and twenty-somethings are looking to try on a new image, men who color their hair are growing in number. This market has tripled in the last few years, and hair color commercials air on a daily basis alongside Viagra ads.

It’s okay for a man to want to look and feel his best, but is talking about it a big deal?  I recently Googled “politicians who color their hair” and clicked on a 2002 BBC article. I read about former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder sparking an international debate when he vehemently denied that he “dyed” his hair. That was so five years ago, and denial is out of fashion now.  

Whether coloring for reel life (to get into character) or for real life (to score a few goals and feel your most powerful and sexy), why not?  Quite a few men have issues about going to a salon for hair color. Most men I have talked to on this subject agree: while coloring their hair, they would rather not run into their son’s favorite teacher or, if they’re single, the hot new neighbor they’ve had their eye on. It is nice to have a private space to do your grooming. After all, you wouldn’t shave or brush your teeth in public!

It’s simple to do color in the privacy of your own home. All it takes are the right tools, a few other ingredients and a little know how. In my book, The Hair Color Mix Book,  I devote a whole chapter to men’s color—color a man can do on his own. The one thing I believe that changes bad color to just plain gorgeous hair is technique. With the right tools and ingredients, hair color can work like magic. It’s simple for a man to reap the benefits of these easy tricks I provide. For example, in a technique I call “Delete the Gray,” one of the tools I recommend is an Oral-B toothbrush. Keeping a few gray hairs is actually important. To maintain a natural look it’s best to not cover all the gray; it’s more about taking some of it away. I encourage more men to explore the possibilities. After all, who cares if he does, as long as he does it well!

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