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Why do men – not all I know – but at least most that I know, have to be so stubborn and don’t hear anything.

Dad has known for years that I have an environmental allergy to bleach.  I will be in an asthma attack in mere minutes.  The other night, June 30th, I come home to a house smelling of bleach.  Dad washed 2 loads of towels and used a whole gallon of bleach.  He said that he thought it would be out of the house by then.  It was after 9pm.

He first denied that he even used bleach.  Mom proved him wrong by holding up a towel and a brand new outfit that I had bought for Elijah’s birthday that was bleached out.  He couldn’t lie out of that.

Then he got mad with me, saying I have too many hangups (it’s all in my head) and that I would never be able to get along with anyone and if I did have a husband, he would leave me because I would make life so difficult for him because of the things I can’t be around.

Well, I wound up staying in the car till 3am.  Even now, I can open the laundry closet and I am overwhelmed with the scent of bleach. I have to hold my breath to even get a rag or towel out of the closet.

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