Mercede Johnston disses Bristol Palin

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Mercede Johnston is so not a fan of Bristol Palin. In fact, she has gone out of her way to diss the former Dancing with the Stars contestant, calling her a sociopathic and a manipulative sex vixen! The sister of Bristol’s ex had nothing nice to say about her nephew’s mother in her interview with Playboy.
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“Honestly, she is the meanest person. I didn’t know someone could be so vindictive and pure evil … [She’s] a sociopath. She doesn’t think anything she could do or does is wrong,” Johnston tells Playboy.

Obviously Mercede Johnston is trying to garner attention in some way, but perhaps doing it by bashing Bristol isn’t the way to go. It actually makes her look really bad, but what do you expect from a 19-year-old? It’s bad enough that she’s capitalizing on her not-so-famous connection by doing Playboy… but that’s life. At some point people are going to have to leave Bristol alone. A lot of people don’t like her mother, Sarah Palin, but that’s no reason to drag Bristol through the mud. Next.

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