Meredith Vieira Interview with Donald Trump Stirs up Birther Controversy (Video)

Meredith Vieira had an uncomfortable interview with possible 2012 presidential candidate Donald Trump. After already hitting headlines for leaving Today when her contract is up, the morning show host is mired in another controversy.

Meredith Vieira Interview With Donald Trump Stirs up Birther Controversy (Video)In her interview with Donald Trump, Meredith Vieira failed to question the reality TV star and business mogul about his claims against President Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship. The so-called “Birther” argument has nothing to back it up and has been disproved. That fact hasn’t kept The Donald from discussing it all over the place in recent weeks.

One of the most controversial things is that she let Trump get away with saying that Obama’s grandmother in Kenya witnessed his birth there. That claim has been proven false, but because the Today show host didn’t question it, now many millions of people may believe it to be true.

Why didn’t Meredith Vieira question Trump on this point? Is it because the Today show and The Celebrity Apprentice both air on NBC? Are they friends? Is she simply tired of being on the show? Seriously, even Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly didn’t let Trump get away with his Birther claims.

As for Donald Trump, he believes that “this country is going to Hell.” Are you with him? He also considers himself a part of the Tea Party. Would you vote for him in 2012 if he runs? Surely Meredith Vieira could have done better with this interview. Perhaps she doesn’t think he’s serious about running, so she didn’t worry about it. What do you think? Check out the interview below if you missed it.

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