Mesut Ozil Never Made a Statement About David Villa, Says Khedira

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Mesut Ozil never tweeted that David Villa insulted his religion. This is the statement coming from teammate Sami Khedira, who confirmed that the Twitter account claiming to be Ozil was a fake.

You’ll remember that near the end of yesterday’s vuelta leg of the Supercopa de Espana in Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium a fight broke out between Real Madrid and Barcelona players. The altercation began after a particularly bad foul by Marcelo on Cesc Fabregas, and Ozil came off the bench before then trying to return, only to have an exchange with David Villa and Victor Valdes that resulted in both Villa and Valdes slapping Mesut Ozil on the face. Ozil and David Villa were both shown red cards and could be suspended during next year’s Supercopa should they end up being participants. the hours after the game rumors began to swirl that David Villa had insulted Mesut’s religion (Mesut is a Muslim) and that prompted Mesut to react angrily. The source of the rumors was said to be the Real Marid # 10 himself, as fans referred to statements made from Ozil’s twitter account.

Today though Sami Khedira, Ozil’s teammate at both Real Madrid and on the German national side, put the rumors to rest with total finality, declaring the Twitter account to be a fake, along with any other statements said to be made by Ozil. We now know that Mesut Ozil has not spoken one word to the press about David Villa.

Khedira’s statement (which came via Twitter) reads:

Mesut Ozil doesnt have official Twitter and any declarations attributed to him and claims to be Mesut Ozil are all fake.Please RT,Your Sami

This means that someone else intentionally attempted to create religious and racial conflict between the two teams, which is an outrage and a shame. La Liga already has problems with fans who use racist slurs against players during games–they don’t need people impersonating their players creating even more problems off the pitch.

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