Metal Monster

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Metal Monster


By Don and Anderson


The soda Machine Loomed quite tall

It looked like a giant metal monster

and me, i was dying of thirst

i needed a drink – that was all


it was time to make my choice

i then put my two dollars in

knew it was alive as it grabbed it

i guess i just couldn’t win


why did it steal my money?

and why did it laugh at me?

what’s the benefit to him?

i’m confused as i can be


I didn’t have anymore money

I needed to quench my thirst

it was easy to see this day

was going to be my worst


a thought occurred to me

i’ll simply pull the plug out

but the monster wasn’t happy

I’m sure that i heard him pout


as i felt so sorry for him

a heard this metal monster cry

a sad face on my monster now

you’d think he was going to die.


Then the coolest thing occurred

my soda, it dropped down and out

Monster and i became good friends

sharing is what it’s all about


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