Metaphors of Life Journal: Fireflies of Reminiscence

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Fireflies of Reminiscence

Hmmm, how can it be that certain precocious memories endure through the years even while my memory becomes quite hit and miss?

I must confess that my memory has become rather fickle now that I’m 50+. There are times, particularly on stressful days, when I think: Oh yeah, I have to remember to do that just as soon as I finish this e-mail. Four hours later I’ll remember that I forgot to do that very important thing.

And yet, a random happening can trigger memories that are decades old.

Elton John`s Tiny Dancer plays on the radio… and instantly I`m taken all the way back to my carefree college days when my life was a mystery just beginning to unfold.

The mingled fragrances of a woodlot rise in the wake of a thunderstorm … and I`m taken all the way back to a 1977 summer day when a sudden effusion of mint scented the air after a passing rain shower.

An eager young boy with his fishing pole balanced on his shoulder passes by… and I`m whisked back 37 years to spring days spent fishing for perch at the mouth of creek at Selkirk.

Fireflies of reminiscence which keep rekindling themselves – random acts of metaphor to remind me that the most exquisite pleasures of life are very often the simplest and most unaffected ones.

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