Meteor over East Coast!

Did you see it? The meteor over the east coast burned brightly, but not as long and fierce as the one over Russia. What is going on? Okay, I know there are meteors all the time, but one has to wonder at the news.

There are now videos of the meteor, and people say they saw it from Massachusetts to South Carolina. No one has reported finding the meteorite as yet, so it probably landing in the ocean, but has anyone besides me given thought to the end of times?

Some say it is aliens, but I doubt that, but I do not doubt that God has about had it with humanity. Pray up. Even NASA says that if we are hit with a meteor, we need to pray.

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I am the mother of 3 grown children. I adopted my fourth. Then God gave me 7 grandchildren. I thought how wonderful can life be. Then, my youngest married daughter said, "Mom I'm pregnant. How wonderful is this? Grandbaby #8 turned out to be grandbabies

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