Meteorite Lands on Beach in Israel

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Now this is different…

How would you like to be strolling along the beach all happy, and suddenly have something fall out of the sky and burn there. Freaky.

I wonder if it isn’t really some kind of “space junk” instead of a meteorite to burn like that, but what do I know?

Take note of all the shells there while you are watching… ouch. Who could walk barefoot on that beach, LOL.

The guy looking up at the sky near the end kind of cracks me up too… ;-)


Click on video link below~


‘Meteorite’ burns on Israel beach

An unidentified object, thought to be a fragment of a meteorite, has landed on a beach near Tel Aviv.

Israeli police released mobile phone footage of something burning in the town of Bat Yam, as people gathered round to look.

Witnesses said the object began burning as it hit the ground.

It has now been taken away to be examined.



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