Mexico City to Close one of World’s Largest Garbage Dumps, Recycles Instead

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Mexico City has made plans to close one of the world’s largest garbage dumps, Bordo Poniente. What will they do with their trash instead? The city intends to recycle the trash and make it into useful items as well as energy.

Mexico City to Close one of World's Largest Garbage Dumps, Recycle InsteadDecember 31 will be the last day Bordo Poniente will operate in Mexico City. Until this year, Mexico’s capital dumped 12,600 tons of garbage each day. For 2011, that number has been cut in half by recycling what it can and composting the rest. That is an amazing turnaround in just one year.

In 2012, Cemex SAB plans to buy 3,000 tons of garbage daily to use to make energy for its production. That is nearly half of the garbage tossed out in Mexico City each day. The rest of the trash will be disposed of in smaller dumps.

Because the giant dump is closing, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 2 million tons a year. That is an amazing turnaround for the city. Can you believe that Mexico City now recycles nearly 60 percent of its trash? That is a truly amazing feat for the city, which used to have one of the worst waste management systems in the country.

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