Miami Airport Evacuated Over Suspicious Package – No Explosives Found

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A Miami airport was evacuated due to a suspicious package. A subsequent investigation showed that there were no explosives found – thank goodness.

The suspicious package was an empty holder for detonators. A bomb squad investigated the American Airlines flight 930 from Sao Paolol, Brazil at Miami International Airport. The planeÂ’s 169 passengers had already exited the plane when the suspicious container was found by baggage handlers.

The detonator holder was described as nothing threatening. It is the type of item that is often used in construction or drilling. Even though there turned out to be no threat, it is great that the baggage handlers and airport security were on the ball in this case. It is certainly much better to be safe than sorry in this type of incident.

TSA released a statement that said, “Out of an abundance of caution, local law enforcement and EOD (explosive ordnance disposal, or a bomb squad) arrived on scene to inspect. The item was cleared and declared safe at 10:37 a.m.”

Although it must have been a pain to evacuate the Miami airport, it is good that everybody was kept safe during the investigation. Right now authorities are not sure why the detonator holder was shipped from Brazil.

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