Michael Bay Pays Tribute to Michael Clarke Duncan

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The passing of Michael Clarke Duncan has prompted a flood of tributes and condolences from his many friends in Hollywood. One of those friends is director Michael Bay, who was responsible for giving Duncan his first big movie role when he cast him in Armageddon, in 1998. Bay took to his website on Monday to remember the warm-hearted actor.

The action director has fond memories of working with Duncan and watching him grow as an actor on the movie:

His first day on Armageddon he sucked. I remember looking to Ben Affleck and thinking we might need to fire him. But I told him “Mike, I hired you for you, I want the sweet, Mr Clarke Duncan I met in that room”. I said, “the audience is going to fall in love with you”.

He looked and smiled with deep voice and said “Ok”.

From then on out he became the most improved actor on the set. That was the award he got at the end of the film. Everyone loved him, his infectious spirit and great belly laugh.

Bay’s feelings echo the general sentiment coming from pretty much everyone who knew Michael Clarke Duncan: sweet, lovable, and an all-around great guy. And it’s clearly not only that people are focusing on the good things about Duncan now that he’s gone — while he was alive it seemed there was hardly a negative comment to be found about him.

MichaelClarkeDuncanJan09 (2)The fact that so many people think so highly of him says volumes. He was apparently one of those rare creatures in Hollywood: a good actor who was also a genuinely good person.

Bay closed his tribute to Duncan with words that can probably speak for everyone: “I’m really sad to lose him. Rest in peace buddy.”

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