Michael J. Fox Back Where He Started on NBC

Actor Michael J. Fox is returning to television and he’s doing it back where he started — on NBC. Rumor had it that Fox was shopping around a new comedy loosely based on his own life. It’s about a father of three who is dealing with all the complexities of life and Parkinson’s disease too. Sound familiar?

It seems all the networks were vying for the show because they’re certain it will hit big with Michael’s fans. However, NBC sweetened the pot by bypassing the pilot and immediately ordering 22 episodes. That gives Michael plenty of time to regain his often vast audience numbers.

The show’s set to première in the fall of next year. Will Gluck, who directed Easy A and Friends With Benefits will direct while writer Sam Laybourne will serve as writer.

NBC president Robert Greenblatt had the following to say about the acquisition: “To bring Michael J. Fox back to NBC is a supreme honor.” He went on to add, “We are thrilled that one of the great comedic television stars is coming home again.” He said that Fox easily sold them on the show’s premise and himself just by being himself.

Although Fox hasn’t starred in a TV show since he departed Spin City, he’s kept his hand in acting by guest starring on a number of hit series including Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Good Wife. The actor won three Emmys for Family Ties and one for Spin City. He also had several Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards from the latter.

Fox is eager to return to his old network, which he claims gave him a warm welcome. “I’m excited to get back to work,” he claimed. No doubt his fans are excited too.

Fox has the “it” factor that many of today’s TV stars lack. He connects with his audience in a unique way, drawing them into whatever character he is playing. His charm, wit and casual self-effacement make him unusually lovable. He’ll be a welcome sight on the small screen once again.

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