Michael Jackson Hologram to Go on Tour?

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Michael Jackson might get his own hologram after all the buzz that the virtual Tupac created at Coachella.

There’s already talk about Tupac’s hologram going on tour, so don’t be surprised to see a slew of other dead celebrities brought back to life to do the same. Of course one of the first musicians that probably came to mind when people were thinking about who they’d like to see resurrected was Michael.

MJ fans were looking forward to getting to see his This Is It tour before his tragic death, so some of them would probably love to see the tour brought back to life with a Michael Jackson hologram standing in for the star. However, as of right now there is only talk about using an MJ hologram to sell tickets for his touring brothers.

According to E! Online, Michael’s brother Jackie said that a hologram version of the singer could be joining the family on tour next year. Right now Jermaine, Jackie, Tito and Marlon are planning to start their Unity Tour 2012 on June 28, and it’s safe to say that some Michael Jackson fans won’t be buying tickets – they might see Michael’s less-famous brothers as trying to profit off of his death, and adding an MJ hologram to the group next year would probably really rile them up. There’s also a chance it would also help sell tickets, but Michael’s brothers might not like the thought of a virtual image being the highlight of their show.

So maybe it would be better if hologram MJ got his own show someday – he could bring the This Is It tour to life, or recreate some of Michael’s greatest moments onstage. And if people want to see The Jackson 5 again, it would make more sense to turn all the brothers into hologram versions of their younger selves.

So would you like to see a virtual Michael in concert?

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