Michael Jackson’s Nude Autopsy Pictures: Why They Were Shown (Photo)

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Prosecutors explained why they showed Michael Jackson’s nude autopsy pictures. They said that even though they knew the Jackson’s autopsy pictures were going to shock the jury, they felt it was necessary because of Dr. Conrad Murray’s defense team. Basically, they had to battle statements from the defense team’s witnesses with actual photographic proof of the truth.

A source said, “The defense has witnesses that are going to testify that Michael Jackson’s bones were protruding, and that he looked very, very sick. Remember the paramedic told jurors that when they first arrived at Michael Jackson’s bedroom, they thought he was a hospice patient. The photo had to be shown to jurors to show Michael Jackson’s physical state. The Jackson family was warned before the photo was shown, and Katherine Jackson left without seeing the photo. Showing an autopsy photo is never taken lightly. It can be gruesome, but there is always a very specific reason why it’s shown. This wasn’t done for shock value, as some pundits have declared.”

The photos were shocking and showed a completely nude Michael Jackson on a gurney. Thankfully, his family was able to leave the courtroom before the pictures were shown because no family member should be put through seeing a loved in such a state. The prosecutors are positive that they did the right thing in showing the Jackson’s nude autopsy pictures. One can only hope they were right and win their case in the end.

Michael Jackson was humiliated back in the ’90s when he had to strip for Los Angeles officers. One can only wonder at the utter embarrassment he would have felt had he known his naked body would have been put on display for all to see after his death.

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