Michael Lohan ‘Celebrity Rehab’ Shocks Lindsay

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Michael Lohan has checked in to Celebrity Rehab, and it’s come as quite a shock to his daughter, Lindsay. So if you were shocked by the news, you weren’t the only one!

Apparently, Lindsay was “shocked and upset” by her dad’s decision to join the program, and TMZ has the inside scoop. The gossip site confirms that LiLo is afraid her dad will further embarrass her and their family.Michael Lohan 2008

It’s clear that Michael Lohan needs help, and if he agreed to check in to Celebrity Rehab maybe it will turn out to be a good thing. It’s hard to think positive in regard to the Lohans, but, hey, this is the first thing the guy has done without running to the media and making a big stink. So he will make some cash while getting treated by Dr. Drew, big deal.

So he’ll make for some great TV and may get the help that he needs. It’s a win/win… right? Lindsay should worry about herself and leave her dad to do his thing.

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