Michael Lohan Hit by a Los Angeles Bus

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Michael Lohan has reportedly been in a minor collision with a Los Angeles city bus, according to a report by TMZ’s Mike Walters.

Walters, who just so happened to be driving down the Sunset Strip at the same time as the collision on Friday, witnessed the accident. Apparently a Los Angeles metro bus attempted to pass Lohan in his blue Jaguar but miscalculated the space available, causing the bus to sideswipe the sports car.

Thankfully no one was injured, although surely the bus driver’s pride was, given that the accident is being heavily publicized due to who he hit. Michael Lohan’s car suffered only minor scrapes and scratches, though surely he’ll have it fixed! It’s not exactly a beater!


As for his reaction to the accident? Michael Lohan told TMZ’s Mike Walters,”Of course you’re here when I get hit by a bus… we exchanged information and everything is fine.”

Those Lohans just can’t catch a break when it comes to the paparazzi! At least for once this Lohan-related accident wasn’t fueled by booze or drugs!

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