Michael Lohan Sends Letter to Billy Ray Cyrus

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Michael Lohan has reportedly sent a letter out to fellow star dad Billy Ray Cyrus in his time of despair and need.

All-star dad of the year Michael Lohan has decided to reach out to wild-child Miley Cyrus’ dad in what appears to be his dark hour and time of need.

Billy Ray Cyrus recently appeared in an interview for GQ Magazine in which he blames the devil and Disney for what’s going on with Miley. He also went on to say that he feared for Miley and felt that Satan was attacking his family.

Since then, there’s been all sorts of speculation and backlash surrounding his Achy Breaky Hearted interview. Enter Michael Lohan, savior to parents with uncontrollable kids – because he completely knows what that’s like, right? Well, sort of.

Lohan wrote a long letter to the former Hannah Montana star telling him that he understood his situation and saw himself in what Cyrus was going through. He seemed to find himself reliving much of what he had been through with Lindsay through the years and felt it important enough to reach out to Billy Ray.

On the surface, this seems a kind gesture, as when you are in a dark time of need sometimes just knowing someone else understands is of great help, but is that all there is to it? Maybe, maybe not. It’d seem that if that was all there was to it that Lohan would have sent the letter by a more private means and not have made it open, perhaps even something as personal as a phone call. Instead, it was an open letter that he likely knew would hit the media. Is this Lohan’s way of trying to show that he’s a great father and what’s going on with LiLo is by far not his fault nor in his control?

The world may never know what prompted him to write the open letter, however that won’t stop many from jumping to conclusions as to what his true motives were behind it.

Is the letter sincere, or is it just another way to get Lohan in the press? You can decide for yourselves and read the full letter over at Radar Online.

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