Michael Moore: America Is Not Broke Video

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Filmmaker Michael Moore’s impassioned speech in support of protesters in Madison, Wisconsin continues to draw headlines from around the world today.

“America is not broke,” Moore said in a speech highlighting the fact that just 400 obscenely rich individuals control the same amount of wealth as half of all Americans combined.

The response from the nation’s elite has been typical. Donald Trump called Moore a communist, according to the Daily Mail.

Rhetoric aside, much of what Michael Moore has to say is true. If the wealthiest of Americans were asked to pay higher taxes, government would have more money to fight the deficit, educate our children, and pay the pensions of public workers. Instead, politicians voted last year to extend Bush-era tax cuts for the rich for another two years. Now the only way to put a dent in the deficit could be to cut programs that benefit millions of hard working Americans.

The wealthiest among us now claim that public employees need to sacrifice their jobs and pensions for the good of the nation. They demanded the same of private sector employees as they slashed wages and benefits and shipped jobs overseas. While the average Joe has sacrificed, the wealthiest among us has profited greatly from the dismantling of the American dream.

Don’t take this author’s word for it. Watch the video of Michael Moore’s speech in Wisconsin and decide for yourself.

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