Michael Moore Exploits Elementary School Tragedy, Calls for Confiscation of Guns

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Filmmaker Michael Moore is using his Twitter account to exploit the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown by calling for complete gun control in the United States. Moore tweeted right after the shooting: “The way to honor these dead children is to demand strict gun control, free mental health care, and an end to violence as public policy.” With over 1.2 million Twitter followers, Moore unfortunately has a large pulpit from which to vent his hatred. The target of his hatred is regular Americans who want to protect themselves from criminals such as Adam Lanza, who killed 27 people this morning.

In an incredible twist of logic, Michael Moore blamed Lanza’s murder spree on the National Rifle Association, which he claims “hates freedom.” Moore said of the NRA, “They don’t want you to have the freedom to send your children to school & expect them to come home alive.” Lanza alone is responsible for the killings, and to blame them on regular people shows that Moore himself might benefit from the “free mental health care” he wants so badly.

As if his own remarks were not ignorant and disgusting enough, Moore retweeted Steve Marmel’s tweet to President Obama: “You know all those nuts that fear you’re going to take their guns? You can take their guns now.” Moore is imploring the Obama Administration to confiscate the guns of American citizens who have done nothing wrong and have their right enshrined in the founding document of the country. Moore wishes the administration would do more to scare people who value their Second Amendment rights: “The gun lobby already hates Obama. I wish he’d give them an actual reason,” Moore said.

Incredibly, Moore expressed anger about Michigan’s recent gun bill: “Just 18 hrs ago, those Republicans in the Michigan House rammed thru a bill making it LEGAL to carry a gun into a school or day care center.” But normal Americans, such as teachers and principals, having a gun at school could only help in situations such as these. Had the principal or one of the teachers been armed at Sandy Hook, Ryan Lanza could have been taken out much sooner and at least some of the 18 children might be alive.

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