Michael Savage banned from Britain

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American conservative shock-jock Michael Savage now has something in common with Fred Phelps, Yunis Al Astal, and Michael Guzofsky, other than their promotion of hatred of other groups of people.  Savage, along with 15 others, is on a list of Britain's "least wanted" – the cream of the crop of people suddenly banned from entering the UK due to their extremist views.

The full list, which totals 101 people, has not yet been revealed.

Says UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith: "Coming to the UK is a privilege. I refuse to extend that to individuals who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life. Therefore, I will not hesitate to name and shame those who foster extremist views, as I want them to know they are not welcome here."

Michael Savage is about as right-wing as it gets in commercial American broadcasting.  He's probably more hardcore than Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Glenn Beck.  I am admittedly not very familiar with his views.  Although, I'm not sure if he's ever advocated violence or illegal activity against any particular group within the US or UK.  Maybe someone more familiar with Savage's philosophy could chime in here?


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