Michael Strahan Gives Up Football for Host Chat with Kelly Ripa

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TMZ and other news sources are reporting that Michael Strahan is going to be Kelly Ripa’s new co-host on her morning talk show. However, ABC is refusing to confirm.

Well, no need now! Terry Bradshaw just spilled the beans during the Broncos preseason game against the 49ers moments ago.

Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, and Terry Bradshaw were the Fox announcers during today’s Broncos preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers. Denver lost that game after leading the entire game, 24-29.

During the announcer’s banter between plays, Bradshaw made a “shout out” to a fellow announcer whose home is in the path of a hurricane. Bradshaw said, “I don’t think any of those guys are doing games this year. Howie, Howie’s on his yacht somewhere and Michael got that job with what? Live! with Kelly Ripa? So he’ll probably leave us. He’s gonna be making millions.”

Although Bradshaw didn’t say the last name, it’s safe to assume he was talking about none other than fellow ESPN commentator, Michael Strahan. Guess it is not safe to tell Terry Bradshaw a secret.

Strahan and Ripa have good chemistry, and it is a far better pick than some of the other choices that were available. And, Regis would probably give his blessing.

Ripa will host Live! alone for the first time in the show’s history, and the official unveiling of the new co-host will be made on on September 4.

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