Michael Vick Dallas Confrontation with Dog Owner

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NFL player Michael Vick was confronted by a dog owner at a Dallas key ceremony on Saturday.

Evidently Vick was presented the key to the city, which is the first strange part of this story. Apparently (despite the evidence in the YouTube video below), the key given to Vick wasn’t even legit. “Dallas mayor Tom Leppert issued a statement denying any knowledge of the event,” reports NBC Sports.File:Michael Vick at Eagles training camp 2010-08-03.jpg It was given to him by Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, who will be replacing Leppert when he steps down.

The second part of this strange story is about Michael Vick being confronted by a dog owner – a man who adopted one of his abused pups.

“‘While Vick is pure evil, this dog is so good despite having suffered through such hell that heÂ’s truly changed my life'” says the owner of the dog. “[The dog owner] went to the event to show Vick [the dog’s] picture and confront him about the past — which, as youÂ’ll see in the video, never happened” (NBC Sports).

So, Michael Vick is not the recipient of Dallas’ “key to the city” and he’s clearly not a changed man when it comes to animal abuse. It’s clear to see that the man in the video just wanted to see Vick’s reaction which isn’t really surprising. Perhaps Vick wants to leave the past in the past and get on with his life.


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