Michaele Salahi: ‘Bump It’ Video – Worst Performance Ever?

Michaele Salahi débuted her single “Bump It” on NBC Miami and talk about a disaster on heels, she was it! The wanna be reality star, White House party crasher bumped it alright, like a stiff zombie looking for human flesh to tear up!

File:President Barack Obama greets Michaele and Tareq Salahi.jpgEven though Salahi didn’t actually tear up any flesh, she probably did a number on the eyes and ears of viewers! Watching “Bump It,” it’s obvious that Michaele Salahi had no idea how horrific and embarrassing her act was.

The 45-year-old tried to look sexy, oh she tried, but Salahi ended up looking more like a desperate sun-dried prune than a hottie singer! It’s a wonder she didn’t put a bag over her head and shuffle her way out of the studio after the “Bump It” performance! Readers, share your thoughts. What is wrong with this woman? Watch the video if you dare!

It’s understandable that Michaele Salahi probably wants to shine like the brightest of Hollywood stars. Unfortunately, she’s shining alright, like a bright, annoying headlight blinding someone’s rear view mirror! For the love of life Salahi, just go back to doing whatever you were doing before you thought becoming a singer was a good idea!

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