Michele Bachmann goes for fourth term in Congress

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After her failed presidential bid, Michele Bachmann announced in a January 25, 2012 interview with Associated Press reporter Doug Glass, that she plans to seek a fourth term in Congress, representing her district in Minnesota.

In the report, David Fitzsimmons – the 6th District chairman for Minnesota’s Republican Party points out that Democrats have challenged her position three separate times “without seeming to make much of a dent.” But that was before her successful win of the Iowa Straw Poll last August 2011. After that event, more details about the Congresswoman came out which put enough negative light on her to cost her the GOP nomination for president. Seeking the higher office brought the hopeful candidate more intense scrutiny.

File:Michele Bachmann by Gage Skidmore 5.jpgKnown for her Tea Party rhetoric and a staunch advocate of Conservative principles in government, but also for what many call double-standards when it comes to her own family farm benefiting – as reported on the LA Times website in June, 2011 – Ms Bachmann leaves little room for middle ground. Her supporters are nearly as rabid in their support, as are her opponents in their derision of the representative.

But in the state which elected Jesse “The Body” Ventura as a governor and whose most popular representative is former comedian Al Franken, the rest of the country will need to take a “wait and see” approach as to whether her fourth run will be successful. At this point, all bets are off.

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