Michele Bachmann Runs Away From Teenage Gay Rights Heckler

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Michele Bachmann evidently can’t handle being confronted with hard realities. The presidential hopeful was scheduled to speak at the Iowa State Fair, but she arrived 30 minutes late and spoke for only three minutes. It was a frenzied affair, almost as if she’d forgotten about it and came rushing in at the last minute.

She charged in on a golf cart, flanked by body guards and spoke briefly. When she was done, she announced she was going to come down and shake hands with the crowd. One 17-year-old gay rights activist had other plans for her, however. He started to shout at her, “Shame on you! Shame on you!” Gabe Aderhold, of Edina, Minnesota continued shouting: “I’m a second class citizen because of you, Michele! Second class citizen! What about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every American, Michele?”

In true Michele Bachmann fashion, instead of confronting the issue head on, she ducked out of the crowd, shoving onlookers out of the way with her body guards and got back onto her golf cart. Several in the crowd refused to allow her to leave in peace, though. Rick Ryan, a 37-year-old steel worker, shouted at her as she sped away: “Palin’s been hanging out here all day. What’s the big cut and run?” He was visibly angry, and told Huffington Post reporters, “Typical woman: show up late and fold under pressure. You really want that as president?”

Ryan and Aderhold both have valid points. Seasoned and gutsy candidates don’t run away from confrontations, they embrace them. They’re opportunities to turn enemies into allies. Michele Bachmann apparently has no concept of this technique, instead choosing to remain adversarial and afraid of facing the truth: That she is unfit to be President of the United States.

You can watch the video of young Aderhold here.

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