Michele Williams’ Long Dresses Allow the Feedom to Urinate Anywhere

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Michele Williams developed an appreciation for the freedom to urinate anywhere in the long dresses she wore in her latest movie, “Meek’s Cutoff.” While filming in a remote location, Williams found that the dresses worn in this period piece offered a great shield when she needed to urinate.

Williams could not say enough about the advantage these dresses gave her to “pee” at a moments notice, even with others around, according to Contact Music. In an odd way, this provides a history lesson of what the women settlers had to go through while on the trail making their way across the US.

The filming for “Meek’s Cuttoff” took place in the Oregon desert, where all the cast and crew had for amenities was what could fit into the two Winnebagos that accompanied them on this shoot. These long cotton dresses were actually quite cool, said Williams, but it was the privacy they provided for bodily functions that had Williams singing praise.

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