Michelle Bachmann is at It Again

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Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) is in the news again and itÂ’s not for her work in Congress. This time she is accusing the president of hiding money in the healthcare bill that secretly spends $105 billion without anyone knowing about it until she discovered it recently. This is not BachmannÂ’s first foray into the fantastical. She accused members of Congress of being anti-American; she said the president has a gangster government. She also recently said that everyone was accepted into the United States with open arms and everyone was equal.

Recently Michelle Bachmann appeared on “Meet the Press” and revealed her findings to David Gregory. In her appearance she said, “It is shocking the revelations of all the money that’s been spent… There is a Congressional Research Service report that just was issued in February, and we discovered that secretly, unbeknownst to members of Congress, over $105 billion was hidden in the Obamacare legislation to fund the implementation of Obamacare. This is something that wasn’t known.”

There are a couple of problems with BachmannÂ’s claim. The first problem is her accusation means no one in Congress, Democrat or Republican, actually read the bill, including her. This does not put her and her colleagues in a good light. Since it is legislation, every member of Congress has access to it and can read it whenever they want.

The second problem with her claim is the information is in fact included in the bill. Steve Ellis of Taxpayers for Common Sense said, “IÂ’m not saying that everybody knew everything that was in the health care bill, because itÂ’s almost impossible to do that. But it was documented that the money was in there… Shame on them if they didnÂ’t know that.” He went on to say the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) specified all spending in the bill.

There are two conclusions to draw from Michelle BachmannÂ’s claims: she did not read the bill and is trying to provide cover for herself or she is being disingenuous. Either conclusion does not speak highly of the two-term Congresswoman. Somehow House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) saw fit to appoint her to the House Intelligence Committee.

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