Michelle Branch on Ron Paul Bandwagon

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While Kelly Clarkson is being killed by fans for her political views, fellow pop songstress Michelle Branch is now backing Ron Paul.

Liberal Twitter thugs immediately trashed the Grammy nominee, and unlike the plucky Clarkson, she’s tempered her Paul advocacy.

It’s no secret there is a blacklist against Hollywood entertainers who publicly back Republicans. A few actors, though, including Vince Vaughan and Clint Eastwood, are supporting 2012 GOP primary hopeful Paul. Is this because the stakes are so high in this next presidential election?

“Hmm. Didn’t mean to offend. I am not racist and am absolutely not a homophobe. Just trying to weed through the non-impressive choices!” Branch tweeted Thursday to her over 200,000 followers. “I should listen to my father who said never to share my beliefs on religion&politics. However I will always share my view on civil rights.”

Clarkson and Branch should be celebrated for voicing unpopular opinions. They have every right to speak their minds. And, anti-Paul journalists are overstating the public backlash against the Texas libertarian. After all, if Clarkson is truly suffering a backlash, why is her new CD number fourteen on Amazon?

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