Michelle Duggar announces she may get pregnant again!

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar made an announcement on  Valentine’s Day that if God is willing they will have another baby. The Duggars grieve over the loss of their twentieth child, Jubilee Duggar, but still celebrate her life.

They consider Jubilee to be their twentieth child, so if Michelle Duggar gets pregnant again then she will have baby twenty-one. What can we say to the Duggars? Their nineteeth child was not born healthy, and their twentieth died. Someone needs to tell these people to quit while the getting’s good. Duggars are open to more kids despite miscarriage. 

I don’t think the miscarriage is the problem, but Michelle Duggar needs to consider the quality of life this baby will have. I fear for them.  They’re not kidding, 19 and counting, and counting, and counting.




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I am the mother of 3 grown children. I adopted my fourth. Then God gave me 7 grandchildren. I thought how wonderful can life be. Then, my youngest married daughter said, "Mom I'm pregnant. How wonderful is this? Grandbaby #8 turned out to be grandbabies

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