Michelle Duggar of ’19 Kids and Counting’ Reveals a Daily Challenge

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This episode of 19 Kids and Counting starts out with Jedidiah recruiting his middle brothers to help him spray paint a fort for a short film he is shooting. Joseph, one of the older brothers supervises the children to make sure they don’t get too crazy. The boys are mostly well-behaved and only spray each other with the paint a little. When they are done, they cool off in a cow trough filled with water. Pretty smart considering it is 102 degrees that day.

Michelle is inside working with the little kids and reveals the thing that she considers a challenge – nap time. She reads to them to help them calm down. She notes that reading to them also helps them learn patience, teaches them how to pay attention and helps them develop critical thinking skills. Even if the kids don’t sleep, she helps them to remember they must be quiet.

Jim Bob is in Little Rock for a pro-life rally for part of the episode of 19 Kids and Counting. While he is gone, Joseph helps the kids to pitch a tent in the yard for a night of camping. Jim Bob returns to find everything is laid out and ready for him to finish setting it all up. He then grills for the family, but burns the hot dogs. The kids surprise him when they notice since he thought he could hide the burnt areas with ketchup and mustard. The kids then roast s’mores on the grill.

Because it is such a hot night, Michelle goes into the house with the little ones and leaves Jim Bob to sweat it out with the other kids. Jim Bob gets smart and brings two fans out to keep him cool. Some of the kids made it all through the night in the tent; others opted to head inside and camp out on the sofa in the air conditioning.

At Josh and Anna’s house, Joy Ann helps to care for McKenzie and Michael while Josh is gone for the night. McKenzie shows her sweet side by ‘breastfeeding’ her baby doll with a set up like the one Anna uses for Michael.

This episode of 19 Kids and Counting clued viewers in on one of the daily challenges Michelle and Jim Bob face raising a family that includes 19 children and 2 grandchildren. Despite the challenges, this family stays upbeat, positive and faithful. That alone is one good reason to watch this show.

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