Michelle Jenneke’s Viral Dance Gets Creepy (Video)

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Hurdler Michelle Jenneke’s sexy pre-race dance went viral because of her love of bouncing around and her big bright smile, but perhaps the amount of attention that the gorgeous Aussie has gotten has gotten out of hand – in fact, the way guys have gone gaga over her could be seen as just a bit creepy.

To some, Jenneke probably first seemed like just another cheerful Internet meme that can be the perfect way to brighten up a bad day at the office – she was like a cute kitten or one of those hilarious videos that features a montage of people doing stupid things and probably getting seriously injured. However, the sexy music and slo-mo added to her video made it obvious that men weren’t admiring Jenneke for how much she seems to love her sport or thinking that her dance moves would be perfect if they were set to Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe.”

Sex.com even tried to capitalize on what really goes through men’s minds while they watch Michelle Jenneke by making her an offer to pose nude.

Because Michelle’s happy hurdle dance has led to plenty of pervs watching her video over and over again while praying that she’ll accept the offer to pose nude, DigiTom has decided to portray the creepy way that the Internet is treating her by altering her original video.

In DigiTom’s version, a guy who looks like the lovechild of Stifler and Comedy Central star Daniel Tosh can be seen in the background making an awful “O” face. Other men surely must envy him since he has the view that they wish they could see.

It would be interesting to know what Michelle thinks of all of this – is she okay with becoming an instant sex symbol, or is she completely creeped out that men all around the world are reacting to her dance just like the guy in the video? Did she do the dance to get this kind of attention, or did she just feel the need to do something entertaining when she saw a camera focused on her? What do you think?

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