Michelle Obama: Fashion Mistake for State of the Union Address?

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Michelle Obama is not a First Lady who seems to worry too much about her fashion choices. She wears every ensemble in a proud yet modest manner. Still, did this high profile lady make a mistake when it came to what she wore for the State of the Union address on Tuesday?

Present and accounted for in support of her husband, the President of the United States, Michelle Obama donned a Barbara Tfank mid-calf dress decorated with a huge Alexis Bittar brooch. And no, she didn’t bare her arms as is typical of when this fashionista hits warm climes. In fact, the bright blue frock was equipped with charming sleeves cut off at her very toned biceps.

Still, at least one publication questioned this particular sartorial choice.

The Daily Mail called Obama’s selection “bold” and mentioned that her decision to don the aforementioned designer duds was questionable as far as some pundits are concerned. Some are allegedly saying that this offering from Tfank is seen as an “expensive” choice, since Barbara’s designs can sell at retail stores for more than $2000.

Not only that, but Michelle Obama was also taken to task for her outfit given the person who the First Lady was seated beside. That person, single mother Jackie Bray of King’s Mountain, North Carolina, had suffered the bad US economy by losing her job. But Bray battled back by putting “herself through community college to boost her career prospects.”

With that said and in looking at the women as the two sat next to each other in the link above, you can see that both ladies are flashing huge smiles as President Obama speaks. And you can see that both looked lovely in the ensembles each chose to wear, one not necessarily more impressive than the other. Except for the fact that Bray chose black and Obama chose blue, the two were wearing their Sunday best for an occasion that calls for putting on such finery.

Indeed, as she proved last night and as she proves in her daily life in public, Michelle Obama represents every woman. She can be seen in fashion that is couture and she can be seen in fashion that is off-the-rack. She is reported to shop for high end designer clothing and she shops in chain stores for items that are affordable to just about every member of the general public.

And so, when all is said and seen, what Michelle Obama wore to the State of the Union address seemed appropriate for this very special time when the First Lady was definitely in the spotlight. After all, it was her husband who spoke for everyone when he talked in Washington, D.C. last night.

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