Michelle Obama Joins Jimmy Fallon for a Mom Dance

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If you missed Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Friday, you missed a hilarious sketch with First Lady Michelle Obama. She and Jimmy Fallon-both dressed like your average moms—did the Mom Dance!

According to a report from E!, Fallon dressed like a typical soccer mom, replete with a cardigan sweater and white Ked sneakers. The two engaged in a silly dance of popular moves as performed by moms—who think they can dance.

This was all iMichelle Obama Fan Club - Orinda, CAn honor of the first lady’s national fitness initiative, Let’s Move!

Fallon and Mrs. Obama entertained the audience and home viewers alike with sexy dance moves including “Go Shopping, Get Groceries,” the classic “Raise the Roof,” the is-it-silly-or-is-it-sassy “Hip Bump,” the “Sprinkler” and “Happy Snapper.”

One of their best moves was “Just the Hands Part of (Beyonce’s hitFalPals - (Jimmy Fallon Fans)) ‘Single Ladies.'”

You can check out some of their fun by clicking on the E! link above.

Do you love how Michelle Obama strives to be just a normal wife and mom? Of course she has duties that go above and beyond what most mothers and wives perform—and she can’t go anywhere (well, she does sneak off to Target occasionally!) without a Secret Service presence—but she is willing to act silly and make a fool of herself in ways no other first lady has ever done. And yes, that’s a good thing. It’s important for Americans to see their first lady as a human being.

So what did you think of Mrs. Obama and Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Mom Dance?’ If you watched it before bed on Friday, you likely had a chuckle as you drifted off to sleep. And if you watched it via the link just now, you’ll likely hum one of those silly tunes all day long!

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